Do you take requests?

Nope, sorry!
I usually prefer doing things currently playing in my head, the result is always nicer! 
You can still suggest cool tunes for me to check out using my discord server!


Do you take cover commissions?

Nope, sorry! 

What do you use to make music and how do you make it so fast?
I make it from scratch, transcribing by ear and using FL Studio with a ton of awesome plugins (you can say I'm a VSTi connoisseur). 
I try to work efficiently, and transcribing, arranging, and composing were my favorite things and the biggest hobby since high school! 

Why isn't that particular track available on Spotify, iTunes, and other stores?

If it's recent, it's probably awaiting completion for the full album (around 15 tracks, it takes about 1-2 months). 
If it's old, then I probably couldn't get a license for it, as it was never officially released (like the newest Pokemon tracks) and/or the original author is not responding (like for some Vocaloid tracks).

Can I use your music in my video?
But be wary you may get a copyright claim, so please refer to 
the usage guide.

I received a Copyright Claim for using your music! What to do?!
You can dispute it if your video is eligible!
Please refer to 
the usage guide.

I received a FALSE Copyright Claim and I don't even use your music! What to do?!

It's most likely a claim from the original authors (using some royalty collectors) that YouTube connects with my cover by mistake.
Please refer to 
the copyright guide.

Can I use your covers in my game?

Nope, sorry!
Copyright of the compositions belongs to the original authors. 

Can I use your music in my mod?

Again, the copyright of the compositions belongs to the original authors. But I guess that's fine for the games the music originally comes from, and when the mod is free! Just credit me!

Can I play your music while I stream games/drawings/whatnot?

Copyright of the compositions belongs to the original authors. 
...cough cough however I have no issues with that if I'm credited somewhere cough cough...

How do you read FalKKonE?

It's fal-ko-neh (like "falcone" - Italian for a falcon).

I really like your stuff! How can I support you? Do you have Patreon?
Aww, thanks!
I did have Patreon in the past, but it's closed for the time being. For now, you can join my YouTube channel supporters.
You can also buy albums from AppleMusic/iTunes or Amazon, or get yourself some nice merch!

But remember, the best way to support is to share!