Do you take requests?

Nope. But I can read your suggestions in the comments or on my Discord server. I may like some. Who knows.


Why don't you take requests?
I prefer to do stuff I feel like doing at the moment, otherwise, it's pain in the ass, and there's always a bunch of people thinking I somehow fulfilled their request, so what's the difference anyway lol.


Do you take cover commissions?

No, because the idea is painful. Why would I want to get paid to force myself to do something I don't wanna do? It's straight-up musical prostitution, am I right, lads, or am I right, lads?

How do you make music so fast?
Music is simple if you really feel it. Also, this is what I do for a living at this moment, and I enjoy it a lot.

What do you use to make music?
I make it from scratch, transcribing by ear and using FL Studio with a lot of VSTs I'm wasting most of my money on every month (not gonna endorse anything).

Why isn't the recent stuff available on Spotify/iTunes/whatnot?

I release most of my music in form of albums of 10-15 tracks, so it's probably waiting for the completion.

Don't worry, it will be there soon enough. 
The coolest stuff is always released quite quickly as singles.

I received a Copyright Claim for using your music! What to do?!
Please refer to the usage guide.


I received a FALSE Copyright Claim and I don't even use your music! What to do?!

Please refer to the copyright guide.

Can I use your music in my video?
Please refer to the usage guide.

Can I use your music in my game?

Nope. By any means. Not even for freebies or school projects.
Do you want music for your game? Check the business section.

Can I use your music in my mod?

Only if it's the game the music comes from originally, the mod is free and non-commercial in any way, and I'm visibly credited for music (in general, if there's only my stuff, or per each track, if there are various artists included).

Can I play your music while I stream games/drawings/whatnot?

To be honest, I have no issues with that, if I'm credited somewhere. But I'm not sure about the legal side of it when it comes to covers and their original compositions, so I'll just remain tight-lipped. 
If a third-party royalty collector or a music company claims your usage of my music in your stream - that is beyond me, plus, they have the right to do so, sadly. 
For YouTube streams - check the usage guide.

How do you read FalKKonE?

It's falconé (like "falcone" - Italian for a falcon).


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