Sound recording claim

This one may appear when you use my music in your videos, and it's the only way I may get royalties from your video.


Note it explicitly says it's on my behalf. My current YouTube partner is Relevator.


What to do? 
Please refer to
this guide to learn if you are safe to use it and how to remove the claim.

Music composition claim

Now, this is something quite different. Some royalty collectors are using the fact my music is in the system to claim the usage of the original music (or the composition, in the case of transformative work) and/or the YouTube algorithms are creating something out of the scattered data.


Sadly, neither I nor Studio71 can do anything about it, as it's unrelated to us - my name just appears as a link to the music that has the original composition they can use further. I don't own compositions of my covers and those claims are NOT on my behalf. To be honest, usually, I get the same claim from them on my cover video.

What to do?
You can try to dispute it. If it claims a part of your gameplay video, then clearly the algorithm went too far.