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You are free to use my music in your YouTube videos or streams if I am visibly credited, however, due to current policy and several complicated factors, including licensing, your video may get a copyright claim, meaning a part of your revenue will be taken for using the music (for using the music recording and/or for using the music composition my covers are based on).

IMPORTANT: There are 2 types of music claims:

1. Audio Claim - for using a copyrighted audio recording you didn't produce yourself (i.e. my or someone else's covers or original game/anime OST tracks)

I am the creator and sole owner of my recorded tracks (it's the ℗ symbol in the copyright world). 
The only way you can get an automated copyright claim from my distributor is when you use my music track in your video - it explicitly shows it's an Audio Claim with my name under the track title, and the copyright owner is stated as [Merlin] Revelator, On behalf of: FalKKonE Music

Any other claimant is not working on my behalf, even if YouTube states otherwise. 

2. Composition Claim - for using a copyrighted melody in a derivative work you produced yourself (like covers)

Obviously, I don't own the compositions my covers are based on, and I have no legal right to claim them. However, YouTube is such a mess and weird things happen.
If you didn't use my music but received a *composition claim* from someone else than [Merlin] Revelator, stating it's on my behalf, please send the link to the video using the contact form, and select *copyright issue* from the dropdown menu.  NOTE: the claim is not done by my distributor and we don't have access to remove it.

Those claims are made by some 3rd party collectors I have no relation with, and are, unfortunately, still an ongoing issue we're currently trying to resolve. Please contact those claimants and/or dispute the claim, especially if it's gameplay footage with original audio, as such a claim should not have taken place.

I do not earn any money from any claim except for the explicit Audio Claim when you actually use my music.
Want to use my music without claims?
Sure, if you feel my music is used fairly (is not the main focus of your video and I'm visibly credited within the video), contact me directly and send a link to your video - we will whitelist it.


Do not reupload my music anywhere, and don't make extended/remixed versions (like nightcore) using my sound recordings. My music is protected by copyright law and you risk potential legal actions.


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