Sound recording claim

This one may appear when you use my music in your videos, and it's the only way I may get royalties from your video.

Note it explicitly says it's on my behalf.
And it will always be Studio71, as it's only them who represent me on YouTube.


What to do? 
Please refer to
this guide to learn if you are safe to use it and how to remove the claim.

Music composition claim

Now, this is something beyond me. Some, unknown to me, companies are claiming composition royalties, probably on behalf of the rightful owners, however, for some messy reasons and the fact YouTube allows that, they manifest it through the title of my cover since it is in the content ID.

I don't own compositions of my covers (otherwise they would not be covers but my original tracks, right?) and those claims are NOT on my behalf.

They are most likely (as you can never be sure) claims of the original OST music tracks done by the authorized claimants. However, thanks to my covers being in the system, the very clever auto-claiming algorithm steps out of its boundaries, claiming it on gameplay videos and such.

What to do?
Dispute it. 
Say it has nothing to with me (it sometimes work) or say it's a gameplay video and they can't claim music on these. Or just be creative. But be nice, it's probably not their fault either. Blame YouTube. 

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