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The official singer and artist of FalKKonE since 2019. 

With a powerful voice, amazing scale and vocal techniques (including screams, growls, falsetto, and others) Rena can sing almost everything in every language, which she already proved in many songs to date.

To add to the list of her talents, Rena is also the author of the gorgeous album and single artworks, as well as some background pictures for YouTube videos.



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Born: 02.02.1997
Nationality: French
Favorite game: NieR RepliCant
Favorite anime: Pop Team Epic 
Favorite manga:
Sugar Sugar Rune 
Favorite movie: The Prince of Egypt 
Favorite series: The Amazing World of Gumball 
Favorite Pokémon: Gardevoir 
Favorite Monster Hunter monster: Shara Ishvalda 
Favorite game character: Kindred 
Favorite anime character: Saiki Kusuo 
Favorite song: Keiichi Okabe - Snow in Summer  
Favorite band: Bradio 
Favorite Intense Symphonic Metal Cover: MiKUSABBATH
Favorite instrument: Violin
Favorite composer: Keiichi Okabe
Favorite color: Black-purple
Favorite food: Sushi

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