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Intense Symphonic Metal Covers: Metal 'Em All

1. Battle! Team Skull Leader (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")
2. Battle! Elite Four (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")
3. Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia (From "Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire")
4. Battle! Cynthia (From "Pokémon Black & White")
5. Battle! Battle Tree Boss (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")
6. Lavender Town Theme (From "Pokémon Green, Red & Blue")
7. Mystery Carnival (From "Pokkén Tournament")
8. Battle! Wild Pokémon (From "Pokémon Origins")
9. Battle! Deoxys (From "Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire")
10. The Path to the League (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")
11. Battle! Lusamine (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")
12. Showdown! Lusamine (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")
13. Battle! Reshiram / Zekrom (From "Pokémon Black & White")
14. Battle! Solgaleo / Lunala (From "Pokémon Sun & Moon")

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