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ISMC Glory to Machines v.1.666 900.jpg

Intense Symphonic Metal Covers: Glory to Machines

1. Birth of a Wish (From "NieR: Automata")
2. Bipolar Nightmare (From "NieR: Automata")
3. Emil - Despair (From "NieR: Automata")
4. A Beautiful Song (From "NieR: Automata")
5. Memories of Dust (From "NieR: Automata") (feat. Waffuru)
6. Wretched Weaponry (From "NieR: Automata")
7. Dark Colossus - Kaiju (From "NieR: Automata")
8. Grandma - Destruction (From "NieR: Automata")
9. City Ruins - Rays of Light (From "NieR: Automata")
10. Song of the Ancients - Atonement (From "NieR: Automata") (feat. Waffuru)
11. Amusement Park (From "NieR: Automata")
12. Weight of the World / English Version (From "NieR: Automata") (feat. Rena)
13. Weight of the World / Kowareta Sekai no Uta (From "NieR: Automata") (feat. Waffuru)
14. Weight of the World / Nouveau (From "NieR: Automata") (feat. Megumi)

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