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Intense Symphonic Metal Covers: NES Edition

1. Wicked Child (From "Castlevania")
2. Nothing to Lose (From "Castlevania")
3. Vampire Killer (From "Castlevania") [Remastered]
4. Bloody Tears (From "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest")
5. Matoya's Cave (From "Final Fantasy")
6. Battle Scene (From "Final Fantasy") [Remastered]
7. Battle 1 (From "Final Fantasy III") [Remastered]
8. Battle 2 (From "Final Fantasy III") [Remastered]
9. Jungle Theme (From "Contra") [Remastered]
10. Maze Fortress 1 (From "Contra")
11. Title Theme (From "Battletoads") [Remastered]
12. The Amazing Ryu (From "Ninja Gaiden")
13. Stage 1-1 / 5-1 (From "Ninja Gaiden III") [Remastered]
14. Overworld Theme (From "Super Mario Bros.") [Remastered]
15. Underground Theme (From "Super Mario Bros.")
16. Underwater Theme (From "Super Mario Bros.")
17. Title Theme (From "The Legend of Zelda") [Remastered]
18. Temple (From "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link") [Remastered]
19. Dr. Wily Stage 1 (From "Mega Man 2") [Remastered]
20. Get a Weapon (From "Mega Man 3")
21. The Moon (From "DuckTales")
22. Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League Medley [Remastered]

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