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Intense Symphonic Metal Covers: Hunting Edition, Vol. 5

1. Scarlet Feast - Malzeno (From "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak")
2. Endless Maze / Jungle - Espinas (From "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak")
3. Fortress of Turmoil / Citadel (From "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak")
4. Sanctuary of the Sky / Highland - Kuarusepusu (From "Monster Hunter Frontier Online")
5. Gigantic Castle of Vicious Sand - Odibatorasu (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G")
6. Berserk Laviente / Introduction (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G")
7. Berserk Laviente / Destruction (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G")
8. Berserk Laviente / Sudden (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G")
9. Berserk Laviente / Deciding Battle (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G")
10. Messenger of Calamity Dyed in Deep Crimson (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G") (feat. Rena)
11. Eternal Flames of Disaster Awaken (From "Monster Hunter Frontier G")
12. Archdemon of the Abyss - Gaismagorm (From "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak")

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