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ISMC Glory to Machines v.1.666 900.jpg

Intense Symphonic Metal Covers, Vol. 24

1. Opening - Bombing Mission (From "Final Fantasy VII")
2. Battle Theme (From "Final Fantasy X")
3. Fight with Seymour (From "Final Fantasy X")
4. The Sims Theme (From "The Sims 3")
5. Sealed Vessel (From "Hollow Knight")
6. False Knight (From "Hollow Knight")
7. Dung Defender (From "Hollow Knight")
8. Pure Vessel (From "Hollow Knight: Godmaster")
9. Hive Knight (From "Hollow Knight: Lifeblood")
10. Lace (From "Hollow Knight: Silksong")
11. Main Theme (From "Ant-Man")
12. Pledge of Demon (From "Yakuza 0")
13. Majima Construction Anthem (From "Yakuza Kiwami 2") (feat. Rena)
14. Rhapsody-Rage (From "Date A Live") (feat. Rena)
15. Ground Zero (From "Date A Live")

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