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Intense Symphonic Metal Covers, Vol. 18

1. VORACITY (From "Overlord III") (feat. Rena)
2. L.L.L. (From "Overlord") (feat. Rena)
3. Guardian Angel (From "Texhnolyze")
4. Tempester the Immortal (From "Fairy Tail")
5. Crying for Rain (From "Domestic Girlfriend") (feat. Little-chip)
6. MACARON (feat. Sainte Séïa)
7. Kami-sama no Iu Toori (From "The Tatami Galaxy") (feat. Rena)
8. Marigold (From "Deemo") (feat. Rena)
9. Main Theme (From "ARK: Extinction")
10. Released Power (From "Fairy Tail")
11. Title (From "Night in the Woods")
12. One Reason (From "Deadman Wonderland") (feat. Rena)
13. Agony (From "Kannazuki no Miko") (feat. Megumi)
14. Deja Vu (From "Initial D: Second Stage") (feat. Megumi)
15. Candle Queen (feat. Megumi)

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