In the era of my videos getting constantly claimed for composition usage (and because quite a few folks are using my music without my consent, and even without crediting me), from now on, any usage of my music will give you a copyright claim as well.

If you use my music in a fair way listed in the green area below, dispute the claim on the video and send the link to this page in the message, saying it complies with the rules specified by me, so it gets released.
In case your appeal gets refused but you got permission from me before, contact me directly and send me the video link.

(Please note that you WILL always get a claim when you use my music - claims are done automatically by YouTube, don't get angry or blame me or Studio71, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience or the dispute process)

T H E   R U L E S :

I require to be credited for every featuring of my track (a link or a mention in the description is enough). 
Not fulfilling this rule automatically puts you in the red zone (aka 9 to 5, 5 to 9, hey your money is now mine).

(This guide is for YouTube videos only. For streams or mods - check FAQ

  • Intros
    YEAH  A short fragment used for an intro of one particular video (or a short series)
    NOPE  A short fragment used for every intro (aka taking my music as your official jingle without my consent)

  • Background music
    YEAH  A fragment or a full track used in a drawing/editing/talking/gameplay video
      Anything that looks like a music video of any sort (i.e. gameplay footage without commentary or GMV/AMV/PMV with just one full track)


  • Animations
    YEAH  A fragment or a full track used in animation not focused on music
    NOPE  An animated music video

  • Adding vocals to my music
    NOPE  Everything*

  • Dual/Triple/Quadruple/N-tuple mixes
    NOPE  Everything

  • Nightcore "remix" (speeding up in audacity clap clap wow much talent clap clap many skill wow)
    NOPE  Everything

  • Extended versions and reuploads
    NOPE  Everything

* Keep in mind that I don't forbid vocal covers or such.
The same way my videos are getting claimed for using compositions I don't own, yours will be claimed for using my productions you don't own, but that's just it.

Also, arbitrary distributing my music outside of YouTube is illegal and considered a dick move.
(that includes uploading to SoundCloud or giving direct links to download, even if it's your "vocal on" version) 

My albums are legally licensed (which means the original authors also get money) and distributed only to selected platforms, so please, respect that.
Thank you.



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