YES, you can use my music in your YouTube videos!
just credit me pls 🙏

Currently, my music is being administered by Studio71, so you will most likely get an audio recording copyright claim for using it. 
The claim does no harm, except for the fact you won't be able to monetize your video. If you're fine with that, that's it. Move along, people, nothing to see here. 

You don't want the claim?
No probs, you can safely dispute it if you credit me (in the video or the video description, preferably using a tag @FalKKonE) and you use either:

✔ a short fragment (like an intro, or a short scene)
✔ a long fragment or the full track(s), when it's not the main focus of the video (background music for drawing, animation, gameplay, vlog, etc)


You won't be eligible to dispute the copyright claim from the following:

❌videos focused on my music (synchronized animations looking like a music video, GMV, AMV, PMV, and so on)

❌non-transformative remixes (especially dual/triple/n-tuple mixes, or "nightcore remixes")

❌vocal covers with my music as the backing track
❌extended versions and reuploads